How to Download anime without any download helper

how to download anime

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If you don’t want to use a download helper to download anime or your download helper is unable to download anime from your site, then worry not. We will show you a simple trick to how to download anime without using any download helper.

how to download anime


Here are the steps to how to download anime without any download helper.


Step 1

Open chrome.

Step 2


You have to go to developer tools.

Follow steps on the image.

Or press Ctrl+Shift+i to go to developer tools directly.


Step 3


Developer tools will open. Now follow the steps in picture to dock it into a new window for easy manipulation. (This step is not necessary).


Step 4


Now open a website from where you want to download anime. Go to our post if you are in search for some good sites .

We recommend 9anime and chia-anime.

go to this link on our website

Step 5

Now start playing any video.


Step 6

After playing the video immediately go to developer tools window.Press the Network tab from the top row of tabs.You will see a lot of activity going on.

Just type mp4 in search bar present at top left. You will see a video playback link. Just copy that link address.


Follow image instructions.


Step 7


After you have copied the link, just open internet explorer or firefox and paste that link in the address bar and hit enter.

A pop window will appear asking for various options.

Click on save and your download will start.

Hurray!! you have downloaded an anime without any download helper and you now know how to download anime.


To download anime like this might seem a bit difficult on the first try but it is very easy once you do it and you can download any video.

If you have a problem while following the instructions please write a comment.

how to download anime

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