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All the One Piece fans might be wondering ,”When do we get to see the ending of One Piece? How much more is left?”.

We know that the other two mega anime/manga which are Naruto and Bleach have ended. But One Piece does not show any signs of being over.



The creator of One Piece Eiichiro Oda once mentioned that he has not figured out how to reach to the end of the journey.He still thinks about how to do it. As an example, he mentioned that he does not know how will Luffy be able to defeat Kaido. Kaido has been potrayed by him as the strongest pirate alive.  Luffy on the other hand isn’t powerful enough to defeat Kaido. So that encounter has become a challenge for him.

I believe and assume he creates the story dynamically. He hasn’t thought about everything beforehand. He creates the story on the go and makes a lot of changes on the plot.



He mentioned that One Piece will be the same that he had thought initially when he started writing the manga. And he also mentioned that he would not disappoint his readers with the mystery of One Piece. All this wait for One Piece would not be in vain. Every reader will get the fruit of their patience.

Well, you might be thinking that only Oda knows the mystery of One Piece. It would surprise you to know that Oda has told about the ending and mystery of One Piece to one of his fans. This fan was suffering from cancer and his wish was to know the ending of One Piece before he dies. So Oda fulfilled his wish and told him about One Piece.

Oda has mentioned that reaching the New World and time lapse is the 50% journey of One Piece. Which means that we will have to wait another decade to know about One Piece. But he has his own reasons for this epic manga. Oda wants the readers to grow up with the characters of One Piece.

This is what he recently said.

Eiichiro Oda comment on One Piece


Just hope that Oda remains healthy so that we can also continue embarking on this amazing journey and discover the secret of One Piece with the crew of Luffy.

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  • ThisGuyHere17

    This was included in last weeks chapter I believe. But I also hope he stays healthy so we can finish the ride.

    • Pranjal Kanyal

      Yes you are right.. 🙂

  • Pranjal Kanyal

    I feel the same about One Piece. This manga series grows with us. The fantasy world of One Piece is so exciting to discover.

  • Deepanshu

    i love the battle of marine ford
    freaking awesome

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