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When Sanji cooks food we all feel hungry.So how about paying Sanji a visit and eat the food cooked by him.

Well there is place called Odaiba in Japan where you will find Baratie.

On June 27 2013, a private viewing of the One Piece restaurant Baratie was held in the rooftop garden of Fuji TV’s main building in Odaiba. There, the restaurant was explained and the menu announced. The venue of the private viewing was heated up by voice star guests Mayumi Tanaka (Monkey D. Luffy) and Kappei Yamaguchi (Usopp).

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The restaurant is based on the sea restaurant of the same name that appears in the popular anime One Piece at which Straw Hat Pirates member Sanji worked as a substitute head chef. Baratie is an entertainment restaurant that reproduces the world of One Piece. It is located on the seventh floor of the Fuji TV building in the rooftop garden. The restaurant is accessible via escalator and the entrance is a fish’s wide-open mouth.



The menu features food from the Straw Hat Pirates’ adventures during the “East Blue,” “Grand Line,” and “New World” story arcs. The lineup of the menu is planned to be changed every few months. Meeting with comrades and friends, adventuring, and parting––Many memorable episodes can be enjoyed through the flavors of the food. A menu of food both noteworthy in appearance and taste, such as the seafood pilaf “Receiving the Blessing of the East Blue” and the dessert “‘Devil Fruit’ Preparing as an Apple Custard Cream Tart,” has been prepared.



Even excluding the food, Baratie has a fun atmosphere to enjoy. From the kitchen can be heard the voices of Sanji and Luffy (we wonder if he’s really working). Also, depending on the time of day, the owner chef Zeff will appear.


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