Sword of the Stranger Review-An Epic Tale

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We will now try to provide the reviews of the every anime along with anime movies that we watched so that you Folks don’t need to waste your time on some anime that is not worth your time. Here is our first review about anime/anime movie. Sword of the Stranger Review

Movie -Sword of the stranger/Stranger: Mukou Hadan

Director: Masahiro Ando

Studio: Bones

Duration: 1 hr. 43 min.

Genres: Action, Samurai

release date: September 29, 2007



The story unfolds during  Sengoku-era in Japan  Kotaro, a young boy who is hunted by a group of swordsmen from Ming Dynasty China for mysterious reasons. Among the group is a fearsome Western fighter named Luo-Lang, whose only desire is to find a worthy opponent. Kotaro and his dog meet “Nanashi”, a nameless ronin who is haunted by memories of his past which have led him to avoid drawing his sword ever again. When the Ming clash with a Sengoku-era feudal lord, a proud general, and monks are torn between faith and survival, the reason behind the Ming group’s pursuit tests the bond between Kotaro and Nanashi.


This is my first anime that I am reviewing. I watched this movie around 6  years back.  When I was about to watch this movie I really don’t have any expectation. But it was more than what I could be expected.  It makes me speechless. After watching this anime movies this became one of my favorite movie that I ever watched.

Sword of the Stranger Review
Sword of the Stranger Review

Well, whenever we think about any samurai anime we obviously think about Asian culture and I know most of the people love to watch samurai in action. The story is straightforward where a ronin agrees to protect a child on his journey.

During the movie time, you start to understand this epic tale without any confusion. When there’s half you completely understand the plot of the movie. Which is great since most of the action movie has many characters that make confusion for viewers to understand but this movie makes very easy for viewers to understand. This movie shows what is perfect timing, the time is divided for each character is according to their importance which is great. It shows many climaxes that make you watch this movie ahead. Sword of the Stranger Review.

Sword of the Stranger Review
Sword of the Stranger Review

This movie is one of my best anime movie that I ever watched as I already wrote the post about it. Top 10 anime movies. The animation is amazing, awesome graphics of the environment, characters and every thing you could possibly ask. I gave it a full star because the animation of this movie is possibly the best that you can get from the action movie that time. The sword fight in the movie is just freaking awesome, although they don’t have kind of different angle view just simple and sober. But more realistic than any other samurai movie. Sword of the Stranger Review

Sword of the Stranger Review
Sword of the Stranger Review

Well, I watched this movie in the sub since I don’t like the dubbing. But I also saw the dubbing one and it is good and fits good for each character. Well, it is really annoying when you hear two different languages but they managed it quite well. The sound of sword fighting is again great to hear along with every voice in the environment.

Overall-Must watch
Sword of the Stranger Review
Sword of the Stranger Review

This movie is totally worth your time and you won’t regret at all. I highly recommend this anime to anyone who loves to watch action, samurai, historical anime.


So what you folks think about this anime movie comment below!

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