Tokyo Ghoul Season 3-Released Date Announced!

Tokyo Ghoul season 3

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Tokyo Ghoul Season 3

Wait is over for the “Tokyo Ghoul” fans.

At last the third season of the “Tokyo Ghoul” has been announced.Tokyo Ghoul initially started as a manga series, written and drawn by Sui Ishida.

In the month of June there were news of “Tokyo Ghoul season 3”  but during that period of  reports claims that it might get cancelled due to some issues.So most of the fans got sad.

So now cheer! up guys it’s officially announced that there will be 3rd season.

Synopsis of the series

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3
Tokyo Ghoul Season 3

The plot is around Kaneki ken college freshman who loves reading books and hanging out with his only friend, “Hide”. The Tokyo they live in is going through a quiet chaos created by human- look-alike people called “Ghouls”, who live among humans but feed on their flesh. When Kaneki goes on his first date with the girl he likes, he has no idea his life is about to change forever. It is after that night and after he is attacked that Kaneki receives a transplant and becomes a half-Ghoul.

He’s been human all his life and now one of the basic needs for him to survive has become killing people and eating them. Ghouls cannot eat anything but human flesh; not only human food tastes horrible to them, but it also makes them ill. Ghouls are pretty much hunted by investigators in Tokyo, so Kaneki has to hide his new self, even from his one and only friend Hide. Hide is ‘food’ now, so what happens if Kaneki starves himself to insanity?


Tokyo Ghoul became 4th best-selling manga series in Japan in 2014, with around 7m copies sold. The whole original series sold over 12 million copies.while the sequel series, Tokyo Ghoul:re sold over 3.7 million copies in Japan during its debut year in 2015.[27] As of June 2017, both series combined reached over 24 million copies in circulation.Tokyo Ghoul Season 3

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3

Tokyo Ghoul season 3
Tokyo Ghoul season 3

The date of third season has been officially announced.


The anime adaptation of Sui Ishida’s Tokyo Ghoul manga has announced a third season of the TV anime that will be adapting the sequel manga, “Tokyo Ghoul:re”.

Sui Ishida made the announcement through Yonkou (Production’s) Twitter account, where a video featuring a more matured Ken Kaneki was  posted. 


— YonkouProductions (@YonkouProd) October 5, 2017

Based on the trailer, voice actor” Natsuki Hanae” will return to provide the voice for the show’s main character.

The third season of the anime is set to premiere in 2018.

An announcement video for the Tokyo Ghoul:Re also launched

Also According to the report there will be new protagonist named Haise Sasaki who will replace the kaneki after his death. For a time a being we can just wait and hope for the best.

Our Verdict

The series is based on the manga. But please don’t judge the series on the basis of manga. They are totally different from each other. They both have there own beauty. Most of the people judges the series on the basis of manga and have very negative thoughts about the series. Which is not fair.

This show is just absolutely amazing, action-packed, thrilling, and dramatic.

season 1: 8.5/10  Season 2: 6/10

Season 3: ???

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